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Alpha Sigma Alpha - Southern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter

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Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2002
 First Meeting of New Alumnae Chapter

(meeting held at Deptford Public Library)


Call to order



Welcome and Introductions

Chapter Goals

      What should they be?

o       To reconnect

o       Volunteer/raise money

o       Get involved socially

o       Work w/ are collegians

o       Introduce/work on Advantage

Chapter Name

      Southern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter nickname Jersey Girls

Chapter Bylaws

      Used sample bylaws to create SNJ bylaws


      $25 per year, payable at the first meeting you attend


      chose officers for chapter

o       President - Becky Paullin

o       Vice President - Vanessa Clark

o       Secretary - Jenn Mueller

o       Treasurer - Sara Fenwick

o       Editor - decided to have co-editors - Lauren Ackermann & Lynne Cona

Meeting Dates/Social Events

      Will have 4 meetings/year, announced 1 month in advance

      Social events will be announced as they come up

      Want to have a Founders Day Brunch/get together

      Possible scrapbooking party

      Possible psychic party

Service projects/philanthropy

      VP heads this area, until a chair is needed

      Will provide both group and individual service opportunites

      Theyll be announced on the website

      Breast Cancer Walk October 19th

Advantage Initiative

      Explained what it is & how it applies to alums

      Chapter will look into participation


      Want to get more alums involved in the chapter

      Have some kind of gathering in the spring around graduation for new alums

      Alumnae initiates (will look into this better as chapter gets on its feet)

Member resources

      Chapter website


Meeting Adjourned

      2:46 pm


October 12, 2002


         New Members and Chapter members

         Information about the Chapter


         $25.00 for the year. (January, New dues due)

Election Process:

         Present and vote on slate at fall meeting

         Installation of new board at winter meeting

Chapter Goals:

         Reconnect with collegiate chapters

                    Work with collegiate chapters Scholarship awards, attend meetings

         Service (increase)

         Take part in Advantage Initiative (all modules)

                    Chapter Copies of books in Advantage


                    Social Chair Appointed Maggie Benovento

         Provide information on Volunteer positions in the National organization

                    Advisory Positions


         Review of materials

         Give presentation to alumnae chapter

District Coaching teams: (3 teams)




Philanthropy:  (Vanessas Report)

         Ronald McDonald House (Save your can tabs)

         United Way

         Salvation Army

          *** Adopt a Family (We are doing this)

         Sort toys for tots

         AIDS Coalition (Training)

                    Make meals

                    Drive meals



         S. June Smith Center

                    Battle of the Banks

                    Indoor Relays 3/16/03 (more info to follow)

         Annual Foundation Donation



         Received Congratulation Cards and Letters for becoming a Alumnae Chapter

         Holiday Pot Luck at Vanessas 12/28/02

                    2 PM Directions to follow

                    Please wear Pin Attire for Ceremony

         Scrap Book Day

                    Make own page for chapter book

         Give in Birthdays and Anniversaries for Newsletter

         Recruitment for the Chapter

                    Alumnaes and New Initiates